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Performer, Writer and Director, I am a past member of Irish Theatre Institute’s Six in the Attic, the artistic director of Leonie Prax Productions, and a core member of Hereinafter Performance and more recently of Collectif Artou. 
Influenced from an early age by politically engaged theatre directors, radical art and then by artists challenging forms, aesthetics and norms, I like to bring a critical eye to what surrounds me, create work fully rooted with its time and the surrounding society. My work follows the exploration of improvisation techniques and investigates the cross over between dance, music and theatre. I seek to create a total theatre experience for the audience, striving to trigger sensory and emotional reactions by using music, words, space and movement as narrative.
Through my work I seek to challenge theatre forms and aesthetics, and create thought provoking new work strongly rooted in contemporary culture. My aim is to entertain while provoking thinking and exploring live performance in its broad dimension, using theatre as the prime structure.

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