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How do girls become women surrounded by the influence of modern society? Meet Lola, a tweener. Lipgloss and lolipops, she dreams glitter and screams impatience. Electric guitar, disco ball, pumps or high heels? Who is “Lolita” today? What are her dreams? What are her fantasies? What is the definition of a “Lolita”? 

Created, directed and produced by Marie de La Guéronnière and inspired by Nabokov's novel, Lo*Li*Ta will take you on an intriguing journey with live music, dance and physical theatre. 

Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland 

With assistance from The Glens Centre, The Dock, Draíocht and Civic Theatre.

Co-direction: Deirdre Molloy and Charlotte Villermet.

Music Direction: Donal Gunne.

Design: Charlotte Villermet.

Light Design: Michael Cummins.

Cast: Marie de la Guéronnière, Aliina Lindroos, Brian Walsh, Colm O'Hara, Donal Gunne, Laura Sarah Dowdall and Margie Lewis.​

Lo*Li*Ta: Awards
Lo*Li*Ta: Pro Gallery
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